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Gents & Bros begins with the “dad bod” and encompasses a way of life: it’s living to the fullest, grabbing a beer at the bar, screaming at the game with friends, flipping burgers in the backyard, and celebrating the body you were born with. It embraces the idea that men with midsections that fall anywhere between beer belly and six-pack deserve clothing that fits.

This story begins with fashion designer Ayumi Shibata. She went out to buy her boyfriend a shirt for a wedding and was disappointed to find that a size medium complemented his arms and shoulders but was too tight around the midsection. A size large fit his midsection but the rest of his body drowned in the garments she found. Ayumi realized in that moment that there was a world full of dad bods and no clothes to accommodate them properly. She mentioned her idea to friends and there, Gents & Bros was born.

According to 2015 research from The Washington Post, almost 40% of 20-54-year-old American men fit into the “man bod” category. Additionally, based on anthropometric data from the CDC, the average 30-39 year-old American male has a waist of around 39 inches, contrary to the apparel industry standard of 32 inches for a size medium. This means that when buying clothes, so many men are forced to compromise fit and accept looking larger and sloppier than they actually are.

Our philosophy begins and ends with your needs. As our founders agree, “Gents & Bros seeks to liberate men, allowing them to embrace their bodies. Our goal is to design shirts that men feel comfortable and confident in and to provide a staple ‘smart shirt’ that becomes an integral part of closet and lifestyle.” We believe that men have every reason to embrace their curves, that pizza and gym memberships are perfectly compatible, and that everyone’s clothing should have their entire bodies in mind. Our style is casual, refined, and most importantly, values comfort above all.




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